This Week Netflix Splits Itself In Two, Spaceships Sell Out And Open Source Doesn’t Go Broke


Netflix Buds And Qwikster Is Born

Netflix has created Qwikster to handle the actual DVD and game rentals while Netflix will now be solely streaming movies. Qwikster will be helmed by the former head of the DVD rental division so don’t expect those red envelopes to change too much. (Link)


Diablo III Beta Lives

Diablo III‘s beta has gone live and now potential players that have been waiting for years get their prayers answered. Well some of them get their prayers answered and others continue to languish on the sidelines waiting for their own personal golden ticket.(Link)


Space Goes Commercial

Spawned from a merger between Virgin Galactic and the engineering firm Scaled Composites, The Spaceship Company is planning on taking people to sub orbital heights for the paltry sum of $200,000. So start saving.(Link)


Open Source Makes Money

Open Source distributor Red Hat is set to make earn one billion dollars. Red Hat is positioned to be the first open source software vendor to hit the billion dollar mark, which is a pretty nice achievement.(Link)


Bethesda’s Legal Issues Continue

Bethesda has taken issue with Interplay’s licensing agreement with Masthead in regards to the Fallout based MMO. I know it won’t be the same without Bethesda involved but in the grand scheme of things I just like to hear the phrase, “Fallout based MMO.”(Link)

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