In this week’s edition, huge kill totals get Black Ops players banned, and an old friend makes a return in Portal 2.


Unboxing Video Seemingly Confirms New Mass Effect 2 DLC[/i]

An insert tucked into a copy of Dragon Age 2 has seemingly confirmed the rumored Arrival DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 is in fact real, and moreover, is coming soon. The first hint that some new DLC was on the horizon came when a PS3 patch for ME2 added three new trophies to the game. The DLC is believed to bridge the gap between the second and third games, although we’ll have to wait and see if that’s really true. (Link)


Homefront Balloons Anger San Francisco

The rally that THQ held in San Francisco this week to promote its speculative history shooter, Homefront ended with a balloon drop. Many of these balloons ended up in the San Francisco bay, much to the dismay of local residents and conservationists, who are concerned about the possible effects on marine life. There are even suggestions that the balloon drop may have been illegal, due to state littering laws. (Link)


Massive Killing Spree Results in Black Ops Bans

A group of Black Ops players found themselves at the business end of a temporary suspensions recently after organizing a spawn camping session. Players on the winning team accumulated hundreds of kills, while their opponents stood around and let it happen. When Treyarch found out, it suspended the lot of them, and resent their rank to zero. On Twitter, community manager Josh Olin said that Treyarch considers spawn camping to be a form of boosting, and won’t tolerate it. (Link)


A Weighted Companion Makes a Return in Portal 2

The release of Portal 2 looms ever closer, and in what is probably an effort to see if people can die of anticipation, Valve has released a number of screenshots. By itself, that wouldn’t be all that impressive, but one of them contains the much loved Weighted Companion Cube, who seemingly survived his ordeal in the first game. Of course, it could also be his identical twin brother, Miguel. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Artist Makes Mass Effect Look Prettier than Usual

Artist Patryk Garrett has shown his love of theMass Effect games with a series of paintings depicting some of the crew of the Normandy. The paintings show aspects of the characters that are usual kept off screen or implied, like Commander Shepard holding his head in his hands trying to make a big decision, or Miranda looking pensive while working on her omni-tool. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)

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