In this week’s edition, Sony promotes 3D with pretty ladies, and Fallout 3 gets older and more Japanese.


Sony Tries to Sell 3D With Pictures of Scantily Clad Ladies

In an effort to get more people interested in 3D, Sony has teamed up with Sports Illustrated to create a three-dimensional version of the magazine’s famous swimsuit issue. The content can be viewed on internet enabled 3D devices like the PS3 or certain Bravia TVs. Fortunately, Sony’s deal with Sports Illustrated extends a little further than just ladies in bathing suits, and there will also be plenty of regular, 2D Sports Illustrated content to enjoy as well. (Link)


New Processor to Make PCs More Like Consoles

Intel is trying to make dedicated graphics hardware obsolete with a new chip that has graphics capabilities built into it. The chip, called “Sandy Bridge”, has received the thumbs up from Valve head honcho Gabe Newell, who says that it will offer a “console-like experience” on the PC. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a while before it replaces your graphics card, as while it’s an improvement over onboard graphics, it can only handle quite low resolutions. (Link)


Kinect Hack Gives Everyone Horrifying Breasts

Hackers all over the world have found all kinds of interesting and clever things to do with Kinect. Sadly, “interesting” and “clever” aren’t words you’d necessarily use to describe this Kinect hack; “creepy” and “strange” are probably closer to the mark. The hack transforms the user into Ivy from the SoulCalibur games, and gives them a pendulous pair of breasts that move in a positively inhuman and slightly scary way. If you think you have the stomach for it, hit the link for video. (Link)


iPhone Hacker Gives Sony Security Headache

George “GeoHot” Hotz posted the root key for the PS3 online this week, allowing homebrewers and pirates alike to sign their software so that the console would accept it unconditionally. Hotz said that he didn’t condone piracy, and hoped people would use the key responsibly – probably wishful thinking on his part. He also used the opportunity to reach out to Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, to see if they needed any help with their security for their next console. (Link)


Fallout Goes Retro and Japanese

Bethesda has re-imagined Fallout 3 as an old school, 8-bit JRPG, complete with Japanese text. There are people to talk to and super mutants to fight, not to mention a recreation of the Fallout 3 map that wouldn’t look out of place on a NES. It’s all incredibly authentic looking, although it’s utterly incomprehensible if you don’t speak Japanese. Still, not knowing what the heck is going on is no reason not to check it out. (Link)

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