In this week’s edition, BioWare talks Mass Effect 3, and Team Meat talks piracy.


BioWare Gives Gold Medal to Mass Effect 3

BioWare’s marketing director, David Silverman, said that Mass Effect 3 is the best game that the studio has ever made. He said that BioWare had taken inspiration from some of the best action games of the last ten years, and figured out what really resonated with gamers. Silverman also said that the game had a much better balance between the RPG and action elements than Mass Effect 2. (Link)


“Expert” Blames Games for Teen Killer

True crime writer Phil Chalmers claimed that the actions of Danny Petric, who murdered his mother and shot his father because they wouldn’t let him play Halo 3 were the result of corrupting effects of videogames. Speaking to a radio station in Virginia, Chalmers said that the medical community knew that violent media made kids violent, but were pretending that it didn’t apply universally because of political correctness. (Link)


Science Confirms that Armor Is Heavy

A group of British scientists have confirmed that the suits of armor worn by the knights of old were really, really heavy and wearing it was pretty tiring. While this might seem a slightly obvious result, the scientists wanted hard data on how wearing armor affected the body. It was found that walking in plate armor required twice the energy as it took to walk without it. (Link)


Team Meat Doesn’t Care About Piracy

Team Meat, the studio behind Super Meat Boy aren’t known for mincing their words, not even when it comes to piracy. The studio said that it “[didn’t] fucking care” about piracy, as it thought – well, hoped at least – that the added exposure would encourage more people to buy the game when they saw pirates playing or talking about it. (Link)


New Soldier Joins the Mass Effect 3 Crew

To celebrate reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter, BioWare’s Casey Hudson gave fans a look at the newest addition to the Normandy crew. James Vega is an experienced soldier, but hasn’t had much call to chat with politicians or criminals until now. Vega is designed to represent someone new to the Mass Effect story, although whether long time fans will take to him remains to be seen. (Link)

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