In this week’s edition, it’s double helpings of zombies and Blizzard!


Valve Experiments With L4D2 DLC

There’s more Left 4 Dead 2 DLC in the pipeline, but this time it comes with a twist. Rather than come up with all the ideas itself, Valve is asking L4D fans what they want to see. There are a few constraints though, as Valve is going for something that’s all gameplay. This means no new story or audio, but anything else seems to be fair game. (Link)


Dead Island Trailer Tugs at the Heart Strings

Just when you thought that you were completely over zombies, the trailer for Dead Island goes and makes you care again, as the waking dead devastate a family. There’s one caveat though, it’s all CGI, and there’s not a jot of gameplay to be seen, so while the trailer’s great to watch, the game might not have the same power. Hit the link for the video. (Link)


Diablo 3 Looked Rather Different Six Years Ago

Blizzard isn’t in a hurry to shove Diablo 3 out of the door, as should be obvious from the fact that it had a working build up and running back in 2005. It looks a lot different from the more recent screenshots we’ve seen of the game; it’s much more grey, and a very clear contrast from the more colorful, vibrant levels Blizzard is working on right now. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


It’s WoW’s Fault That StarCraft: Ghost Was Canned

StarCraft: Ghost is one of the more notorious pieces of vaporware around – or not around, as the case may be – and while we’ve known that Blizzard put it on indefinite hold years ago, studio boss Mike Morhaime recently revealed why. It seems that Ghost was a victim of another game’s success. As World of Warcraft took off, Blizzard realized that it had to free up some resources, so Ghost got the boot. (Link)


Portal 2 Provides Romantic Guidance

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time, especially when you’re not sure about what kind of gift to buy your significant other. Thankfully, Aperture Science – also known as Valve’s marketing department – has you covered, thanks to a handy instructional film. The perfect gift for that special someone in your life? Why, it’s Portal 2 of course, or at least a pre-order for it, anyway. Hit the link to watch the video. (Link)

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