In this week’s edition, the London Riots bring out idiots in a variety of flavors, and Bethesda shows off Skyrim’s Dark Elves.


Rage Cuts Single Player Content for Pre-Owned Purchasers

If you buy Rage used, then you’re going to have to shell out to get the entire single player experience. Buying the game new will allow access to a series of subterranean levels, hidden under sewer hatches. Anyone buying it pre-owned will miss out on this content, although developer id says that missing it won’t detract from the main story. (Link)


Skyward Sword Breaks Out the Giant Scorpions

As if demon kings and missing friends weren’t bad enough, Link will have to do battle with some enormous – not to mention aggressive – scorpions. There’s also some bats that want to eat him, and some very hungry looking plants. Of course, Link seems more than able to handle himself. Hit the link to see the entire gallery. (Link)


Skyrim’s Dark Elves Are Really Mean-Looking

You can’t have an Elder Scrolls game without including the Dunmer, or Dark Elves, and Skyrim is no different. As part of an online poll to see what players wanted to see in the game, Bethesda has unveiled a Dark Elf thief, who is very clearly not in the best of moods. Hit the link for the full sized image (Link)


Idiot Looter Shows Off Swag Online

As if looting a store wasn’t bad enough, one London rioter decided that he was going to brag about it on Facebook. Not the smartest course of action, as Facebook obviously has a name attached to it, but this genius also decided to show his face, along with his haul of games, movies, and what looks like a large tub of protein powder. Apparently, he’s looking to bulk up before his jail time. (Link)


UK Media Blames Riots on Games

With the UK racked with unprecedented levels violence in its streets, the country’s media has instantly pointed the finger at the one thing that could possibly have caused it: videogames. The Evening Standard, sites a number of anonymous sources who place the blame for the civil disorder on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto games. I didn’t realise people were still doing that. (Link)

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