In this week’s issue Portal robots break into the real world, and the ESRB reveals that Catherine has topless demons.


Bethesda Throws Skyrim Thieves a Bone

The fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series is going to be a little different from its predecessors: thievery is going to be a heck of a lot easier. Alongside refinements to combat and the world, Bethesda has removed the global bounty, allowing those with a criminal bent to lay low without getting arrested by telepathic guards. Hit the link for more details. (Link)


Portal 2 Robot Comes to Life … Kind Of

Atlas, one of the co-operative test robots from Portal 2 has been brought to life by the special effects studio Technically Magic. Sadly, he’s just a model, and won’t be helping you solve any puzzles any time soon. If it’s any consolation though, he’s a fantastically detailed model. Hit the link for a gallery of the work in progress. (Link)


Ninja Gaiden 3 Is a Gory as You’d Imagine

A game can’t call itself “Ninja Gaiden” unless it has two things: a monstrous difficulty level and copious amounts of blood. While it’s hard to comment on the former, a recent burst of screenshots show that Ninja Gaiden 3 has the gore part covered. Also covered in the screen shots is the rather less violent activities of sliding and climbing. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Catherine Will Feature Demonic Boobs

It’s been confirmed that Atlus’ erotic thriller Catherine will contain nudity. It might not be the kind you actually want to see though as the naked bodies will belong to demons. According to the game’s ESRB description, shadows obscure most of the demons’ bodies, which might just be the kindest thing that Atlus has ever done for us. (Link)


Portal Fan Gives War a Citrus Tang

If you have played Portal 2, then you’re probably aware that Cave Johnson isn’t the biggest fan of lemons in the world. If you haven’t played Portal 2, then you really should, because the joke of these incendiary lemon grenades – created by the masterful Chris Myles – will be completely lost on you. Seriously, go and play it. We’ll wait. (Link)

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