The Week in Review: Space Marines and Steampunk Sith

In this week’s edition, Batman heads to school and we lock an unruly sever admin away.


Space Marines Supposedly Get Sexy

D-Dub Software – maker of Bonetown, supposedly the first adult adventure game in the world – is back with BoneCraft, a homage/parody of World of Warcraft and StarCraft, complete with butch space marines and lusty elves. D-Dub says that the game is supposed to be both adult and humorous, although honestly, it doesn’t look like it does either especially well. (Link)


Steampunk Star Wars Gets Kind of Collectible

The internet is a big old place, and sometimes you miss things – like this set of utterly gorgeous steampunk Star Wars figures from 2008. Their creator, known as Sillof, mostly used existing action figure parts as a base, although some of the pieces are built from scratch. “It really just depends on what I want, need, and what I have on hand in my various drawers of parts,” he said. (Link)


Batman Heads to High School in Cartoon Concept Art

Writer/Artist team Celeste Green and Jeffrey Thomas put together a very different take on the Dark Knight, a far cry from the rooftop vigilante that we know and love. Their concept, titled Gotham High, recast Batman and his rogues gallery as high school students, swapping the problems of being a masked crime fighter for something a little bit more down to earth. Sadly, DC didn’t go for the idea, but we can still look at the concept art and think about what might have been.(Link)


Kinect Hack Makes Minecraft Monuments

Most people will never be immortalized in statue form, not in the real world anyway. Utilizing Microsoft’s motion controller, Nathan Viniconis has created a way to take a photograph of yourself – or anything else you fancy making a huge statue of – and import it into Minecraft. The game then replicates the photo as best it can, creating an effigy to your magnificence, or maybe just a giant version of your dog, Mr. Woofbury. (Link)


The Escapist’s Server Admin Sent to Cardboard Jail

Everyone has had a co-worker they wish they could lock away forever, and The Escapist offices are no different. Web developer ThyNameisMud and video producer CaptainCrunch grew so tired of the many infractions of their co-worker Kross that they fashioned a gulag around his desk in an effort to contain him. Sadly, it’s made of cardboard, so it probably won’t hold him for long. (Link)

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