In this week’s edition, scammers try and steal your account using StarCraft 2, and nerds take on masked robbers in Hawaii.


Mickey Could Be Epic on the 360 and PS3 as Well, Says Spector

Epic Mickey is a Wii exclusive, but according to lead designer Warren Spector, there’s no reason it has to remain one, at least, not from a technological point of view. Spector said that with the 360 and PS3 both getting their own motion controllers, there was nothing stopping the game from being appearing on either console. But the decision to work on other versions was not his, he said, and that as yet no on had asked him to. (link)


Game-Playing Teacher Acquitted of Death Threat Charges

A former teacher in Knox County, Kentucky has been acquitted of the charge of “second degree terroristic threatening” after it was brought to light that his comments about murdering hundreds of people as a relaxation technique pertained to a videogame, and not to actual physical people. Unfortunately, considerable damage has already been done to the teacher, who lost his job and had to spend a month in jail. He also fears that the charge may continue to haunt him for the rest of his career. (link)


Out With The Old, In With The New – Pokémon, That Is

It’s all change in Pokémon Black & White, as it was revealed this week that games would not feature any Pokémon from previous games – not on the first play through at least. GameFreak’s Junichi Masuda said that the developer wanted everyone to have the same sense of exploration and excitement without the baggage of the previous generations of Pokémon. Sadly, this means I won’t be able to field my all-Jigglypuff Dream Team, but I’m sure I’ll find something just as good. (link)


StarCraft 2 Scammers Try to Steal Details

Picture the scene: You spy a new email in your inbox, claiming to be from the Blizzard store. It says that there’s a CD Key for StarCraft 2 waiting for you and all you have to claim it is log into at this particular website. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s because it is, as scammers are cashing in on the SC2’s popularity to try and steal the accounts of unsuspecting people. Remember, if an email doesn’t come from or, it’s not Blizzard. (link)


Nerds Strike Back at Masked Bandits

Robbing a gaming center late at night sounds like it should be pretty easy, right? Well, not necessarily, as two teenaged thugs discovered when they tried to rob PC Gamerz in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Everything was going well until they tried to steal one of the patron’s DS, who surprised the masked bandits by attacking them. Others joined the fray and the nerds managed to pin down one of the criminals, requiring him to be physically dragged out of the door by his accomplices so that they could all get away before the police arrived. (link)

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