A Steam page for the upcoming Witcher 3 expansion pack has revealed its release date: May 30.

I’ve got some good news for Witcher fans today: the second half of The Witcher 3‘s expansion pass, Blood and Wine, has just had its release date leaked. Thanks to a Steam page that went up early, we now know that the expansion will launch later this month, on May 30.

Previously, CD Projekt Red had promised that Blood and Wine would launch before E3, and introduce a new continent roughly the size of Skellige. The dev also claimed that its main questline would be about twice as long as the game’s first expansion pack: Hearts of Stone.

The expansion pack will launch as a stand-alone purchase for $20, or as part of the Witcher 3 Expansion Pass (which includes Hearts of Stone) for $24. Both the stand-alone and Expansion Pass version of the game require The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt to play.

Keep in mind that while this May 30 date looks pretty legit and certainly makes a lot of sense, it has yet to be officially confirmed by CD Projekt Red.

Source: GameSpot

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