The Witcher 3 Sold Six Million Copies In Six Weeks

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The Witcher 3 sold six million units in six weeks, making it a contender for 2015’s best-selling game.

It should come as no surprise that The Witcher 3 is one of the most critically acclaimed games seen this year. Between its massive world, robust monster-slaying combat, and comprehensive free DLC updates, The Witcher 3 would naturally win the hearts of many gamers. But that doesn’t make the actual sales figures any less mind-boggling. According to developer CD Projekt RED, The Witcher 3 sold six million units in a mere six weeks, making it 2015’s best-selling game so far, not to mention the fourth best-selling Western RPG.

Of course, this news is all the more surprising considering CD Projekt’s history. Founded in 2002, the company was a game development underdog that came incredibly close to folding in 2009. Thankfully, CD Projekt’s The Witcher 2 and DRM-free games service made it a strong contender in the industry. Now classic Elder Scrolls games, which once set the bar for sprawling RPG worlds, are being re-released on CD Projekt’s digital platform.

So what’s next for CD Projekt RED? Having finished its Witcher trilogy, the team can now turn its attention to Cyberpunk 2077. Which is good, because The Witcher 3 is so enormous most gamers probably won’t complete it fully until 2077 anyway.

Source: Game Revolution

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