RPG fans still on the fence will now have some help making up their minds, as Atari has announced the release of a playable demo for The Witcher.

The demo will include the first part of the game’s prologue, launching the story and training the player in the basics of combat, as well as the entire first act of the game. The story will begin to come together around Geralt, the game’s central character, as he works to survive in a cold and uncaring world.

Based on the novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, The Witcher has been well-received both commercially and critically, receiving an 81 score at both Metacritic and As Geralt, players will become a professional monster slayer in a complex world rife with real-life issues in which there is no right and wrong, only choices and consequences.

More information about The Witcher as well as links to the demo are available at or

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