The Witcher Recap Video Spins a Tale For Newcomers


A five-minute animated Witcher recap video is just the thing to bring Xbox 360 gamers up to speed on the White Wolf.

Looking forward to the looming arrival of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on the Xbox 360 but frustrated because you don’t know what went down in the original, PC-exclusive game? Good news! It doesn’t matter!

“The game creators stress that this knowledge is not necessary to play the game,” according to a new entry on the official Witcher 2 YouTube channel. “A few dialogs refer to the first game, but recognizing these references just gives a little more meaning. If The Witcher 2 is your first encounter with Geralt, you will smoothly enter the story.”

But if you really want to know the whole story, CD Projekt Red has just the thing: A five-minute animated video that recaps the events of the original game. Much like the game itself, the clip moves pretty quickly and can be hard to keep up with in spots, particularly when the narrator tosses around names of characters and groups like Azar Javed and the Scoia’tael as though the viewer should already be familiar with them. But it does a very nice job of conveying the “flavor” of The Witcher, too; the trailer is ugly, brutal and bloody, much like the Northern Kingdoms in which Geralt lives.

It may not be “necessary” to be familiar with the first game in order to enjoy the second but it’s bound to add some extra depth to the experience, especially since the sequel follows immediately behind the events of the original. I’d go so far as to say that the closing cinematic of The Witcher, which is referenced in this new trailer, could very well serve as an opening to The Witcher 2. It’s worth watching, in other words, and if you didn’t catch it all the first time around, it’s worth watching again.

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