The Witcher Sells A Million, More On The Way?


CD Projekt RED has announced that its epic RPG The Witcher has broken one million unit sales, and suggests there’s much more to come from Geralt and company.

The announcement follows closely behind the release of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, the updated version of the hit RPG that added new content and corrected many of the original game’s flaws. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition was released at retail in mid-September, and is also available as a free download for current owners of the game. “The Witcher, the epic RPG that puts players in the morally lenient boots of the aforementioned anti-hero, has sold more than a million copies to real, live people since its release twelve months ago,” the studio said on the game’s website. “Scientific research has proven that those sales numbers are quite good for a debut game based on a relatively unfamiliar IP from an unknown studio on a ‘dead’ platform.”

“We created The Witcher with the intent of becoming an acclaimed and successful development studio that always made games for its fans,” said CD Projekt RED CEO Adam Kicinski. “We spent more than $11 million developing The Witcher and the Enhanced Edition, and it sure is nice to make some of that money back!”

“The success of The Witcher has ensured that we’ll be able to make the games we want – and the games that fans want – for the foreseeable future, and the amazing response we had from the gaming community to the Enhanced Edition really reinforced that we’re on the right track with our development philosophy,” he continued. “We really couldn’t have achieved this sort of success without the support of our amazing fans.”

“There are a lot more places to explore in the world of The Witcher and there’s obviously a huge audience out there that would still love to see the game on consoles,” added Michael Kicinski, CEO of parent company CD Projekt, who hinted that a move to other platforms could happen in the future. “We’re PC developers first and foremost,” he said, “but you never know!”

The company has put out a truly kick-ass “thank you” video, which includes a few seconds of what could be new Witcher material along with one or two other, entirely different games, available at GameTrailers.

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