Just in case you didn’t know, The Witcher is a pretty darn popular series.

You probably know that the three games in The Witcher are pretty successful, but you might not know just how successful. It turns out that since the lauch of the first Witcher game, CD Projekt Red has sold over 25 million copies of the trilogy’s games.

The news come by way of CD Projket’s 2016 financial results, which were posted earlier today. Alongside the news of some really good sales numbers for the series, there’s also another big number to consider: The Witcher 3 has accrued total sales of over $250 million in the one and a half years following its release in May of 2015.

Those sales, and the revenues from GOG.com, have put the company is a strong position. The report states that “Despite the unprecedented financing requirements of its new games – Cyperpunk 2077, GWENT and Blood and Wine (released in May) – the Group was able to post 204 million PLN (approximately $51 million) in positive cash flows.”

As part of the report, Adam Kicinski, the President of CD Projekt, said, “For years we have consistently prioritized quality and focused on a limited range of products. The persistently strong sales of the entire The Witcher series vindicate our approach and contribute to long-term appeal of our releases. Between the launch of The Witcher in 2007 and the end of 2016 we have sold over 25 million copies of The Witcher games.

This year we will continue to expand The Witcher brand – it is, after all, the year of GWENT. We’re in the process of organizing the game’s first major tournament, with a 100 thousand USD prize pool. Another crucial round of beta tests will commence in spring, with the retail release to follow in the second half of 2017.”

There’s still no word on when we might get another look at Cyberpunk 2077, but if you were wondering how CD Projekt is doing financially, you can rest easy.

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