The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 Gets Launch Trailer, Still No Release Date


Telltale has released a new “launch” trailer for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3. Now if only it would give gamers a release date too.

If there’s one thing you can give Telltale’s Fables game The Wolf Among Us credit for, it’s knowing how to leave things on a cliffhanger. The end of Episode 1 and Episode 2 both closed out with terrible revelations that left the player dying to know more. The new launch trailer for Episode 3: A Crooked Mile, in turn, just reinforces that feeling of wanting to get into the game and find out what deep, dark secrets we’ll uncover next.

Spoilers up ahead!

Just going from the contents of the trailer, Episode 3 looks as though it will be picking up right after Episode 2‘s closing discovery that Ichabod Crane may be the man behind a pair of murders that have left the residents of Fabletown in a state of shock. From there we get glimpses of Bigby Wolf’s continuing investigation which looks to be ballooning into something far more complicated than just the pursuit of a murderer.

What exactly this will expand into is still up in the air, but if the trailer is any indicator it will involve new encounters with Jack Horner, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum and the Woodsman, among others. It also looks as though we’ll be getting more scenes of Bigby and Snow White together which I just personally enjoy thanks, in no small part, to the way their relationship involves in the Fables graphic novels that The Wolf Among Us serves as a prequel to.

It’s worth noting, of course, that Telltale still hasn’t announced any sort of release date for A Crooked Mile. That said, the fact that it branded this as Episode 3‘s “launch trailer” hopefully means that fans of The Wolf Among Us won’t have that much longer to wait.

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