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Themis Group Releases the First Horse Competition Game for Facebook!


Durham, North Carolina — December 8 — Themis Group is proud to bring Facebook users an exciting new social gaming experience with HORSE CLUB, where anyone can become a champion rider in English, Western or Racing-without leaving their computer.

Through HORSE CLUB, social gamers now have the opportunity to meet new friends, and invite old friends, to create a horse riding club and compete in tournaments with them. The dynamic tutorial program will help first-time players navigate the game’s structure as they build their farm and complete jobs, such as horse grooming and stall maintenance. The player’s farm can then join a club to compete against other clubs for experience, notoriety and awards.

“Horseback riding has never been more popular, at least since the creation of the car, which is why we are excited to bring the Facebook community its first horse competition game,” said Jon Hayter, Creative Director of HORSE CLUB. “HORSE CLUB is also one of the first gender-neutral social games, which as a company, we think is very important for success.”

HORSE CLUB is brought to Facebook by Themis Group, the pioneers in online gaming responsible for the Beowulf the Movie Facebook game and the AEIM/M16 Award Winning Heroes Mini social game for the Heroes of Might & Magic franchise. The concept of HORSE CLUB emerged from Themis Group’s 20 percent policy, which asks all employees to spend 20 percent of their time on innovative projects outside the scope of their regular duties.

“Many of Themis Group’s employees own horses and are passionate about horseback riding-including myself-so given our social game experience, a horse riding game seemed like a natural fit for an innovation project,” said Tim Turner, Lead Programmer of HORSE CLUB. “We are excited about sharing our passion with the entire social gaming community, and giving anyone the opportunity to become a champion rider.”

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