Nintendo has hidden a secret message for fans in the Switch pro controller.

Easter eggs and hidden code are fun little things developers love to do with games – hiding little messages and references in either hard-to-find places, or within the game’s code itself. However, hardware Easter eggs – secrets physically hidden with a piece of gaming hardware, are a bit rarer, and Nintendo has put one inside the Switch’s pro controller.

To find the secret, you’ll have to tilt down the controller’s right analogue stick, and look through the translucent black plastic above it. If you move the stick in just the right way, you’ll make out the message: “Thx2 allgamefans!”. Twitter user Geo Stream posted the following images of the secret:

It’s a nice little nod to all of the video game fans who made the Switch possible. It’s not often we see a cool Easter egg like this one.

Source: Twitter via Kotaku

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