Attention, Pokefans: This is what your new Pokemon Black & White starters will look like – if you were in a room with them and turned off all the lights, anyway.

Right on the heels of the announcement that Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver have sold a combined 8.4 million copies comes the reveal of the three new starting ‘mons in Pokemon Black & White … sort of.

The image you see here is the silhouettes of the three Black & White Version starters. Though one can assume that – as with every other game in the series – they’ll be your standard water/fire/grass-type trio, we don’t know which is which. Nor do we know their names, or anything about them other than what they would look like in a very, very dark room if the only light source was behind them, or something like that.

As with the last major Black & White reveal, this reveal came from the Japanese TV program Pokemon Sunday (at ~6:20), where it was presented by a cute girl and people dressed like Slowpoke and Chimchar. Oh, Japan.

Personally, I don’t think the one on the bottom left is the Fire-type, since it’d look a bit too much like Charmander – my guess is it’ll be the Grass-type starter, what with the leaf-like object on the tail. The presence of a beaver-like tail on the figure on the bottom right might suggest that it’ll be the Water-type starter, but wouldn’t that be too much like Bidoof/Bibarel?

So by process of elimination, that means that (as far as I’m guessing), the bottom-left is the Grass starter, some sort of weird lizard thing. The top-middle silhouette is the Water starter, which looks like a cross between a piglet and a rabbit. And the bottom-right is the Fire-type starter, which might well be some sort of rodent – or a woodland creature in general. Like … a Fire raccoon/tanuki-looking critter.

But those are just my guesses, and I could be wrong. I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

(Via Destructoid)

Update #2: Yes, the images below are officially a hoax. I’m going to repeat, just in case some people don’t get it: The ones below are not the official Pokemon Black & White starters. They’re still an interesting fan take on what they could look like, though, so … we’ll leave the image up for now.

Update: The Escapist community member Hurr Durr Derp dug up what turned out to be a fan-made version of what the monsters could like in not-silhouette form:


We won’t know what they’ll look like for real until Nintendo chooses to unveil them, of course.

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