Robbers stole $170,000-worth of Rock Band boxes from a truck in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Times discovered that a truck carrying a shipment of 1,000 Rock Band boxes was hijacked by a team of thieves over the past weekend. After loading the game packages into his vehicle at the local distributor near Long Beach, two Latino men in a black truck pulled up beside A&N Truck Lines driver Nirmal Singh’s truck and motioned for him to pull off the Pomona Freeway. The robbers then held him at gunpoint, blindfolded him, placed him in the rear of the truck and drove for an hour to a drop-off point where the goods were unloaded. Singh was released at Riverside and given specific orders to allow the thieves to escape.

Although there are no suspects, the police believe it was an inside job, as the thieves were able to locate the inconspicuous truck and steal valuable goods. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has given the case to the Cargo CAT team that is dedicated to crimes involving transported goods. If found, the guilty persons could face up to four years in prison.

This incident is one among many game-related robberies during this holiday season. Sargent Rod Johnson said, “Game consoles, flat-screen TVs, computers are particularly sought after. They’re easy to move and they’re high-dollar.”

Electronic Arts spokesperson Bryce Baer said, “We’re glad no one got hurt. We hope these guys end up forming a rock band in jail.”

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