Third Mortal Kombat Movie Coming Soon?


Mortal Kombat might be coming back from the cinematic dead, according to actor Chris Casamassa, who played Scorpion in the original two films.

Though I hear that the first Mortal Kombat movie enjoys some kind of cult following these days, I think most sensible people who saw the second movie, Annihilation, assumed that Mortal Kombat movies were pretty much done for. This is apparently not the case, because martial artist and occasional actor Chris Casamassa says that a new MK film is in the works.

“Now I do maybe one film a year because I’m helping my dad run our company and it’s kind of a full-time job, which I love,” Casamassa told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Apparently the film he decided to do this year is the third Mortal Kombat film, which he says is set to start filming in September.

The news coincides with the announcement that Warner Bros has acquired the rights to the Mortal Kombat IP, along with most of the troubled Midway’s other properties. Meanwhile, Lawrence Kasanoff, who produced the MK movies, filed suit against Midway claiming he has exclusive license on work produced off the MK franchise and that the Warner Bros sale shouldn’t change that.

If we’re taking Casamassa’s word for it, then, it would seem that either Kasanoff has squared his affairs with Midway and Warner Bros, or that somebody else entirely will be making the upcoming movie. Apparently Kasanoff has had an idea for a third movie, subtitled Devastation, for some time now, and is planning for it to be a reboot of the series. Can it possibly be worse than Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li? I’m going to have to say probably.

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