This Majora’s Mask fan film may be less than five minutes long, but it will be the best thing you see today.

Back in July, Emberlab Studios released a short teaser for an upcoming Majora’s Mask fan film. It had a lot of promise, but even those who were most positive about it will likely be surprised at how well it turned out.

The short (just under five minutes) film is titled Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate, and it uses that time to take a look back at the origin story of Skull Kid. Although it takes place prior to the events of the game, there are some distinct references that players will find familiar. Fairies flit around, the music is spot on, and of course, the mask salesman makes a fateful appearance.

The film is more than just a fan project, though. It’s also a promotion to bring awareness to the second Times’ End: Majora’s Mask collection – a remix soundtrack brought to life by sound designer Theophany, who also handed sound design on Oxenfree. You can check out the remix right here.

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