This Is Diablo, As Told in a Minute


Prime Evils and fat stupid kings, oh my!

Before there was the superb-looking Diablo III, there was the classic Diablo II. Before Diablo II, there was Diablo, the game that started it all. And before Diablo, a bunch of humans in the land of Sanctuary made some very questionable decisions.

This YouTube video chronicles the lore and backstory of Diablo in just about one minute. It’s cute, funny, and also rather true – really, those Soul Stones just turned out to be a real pain in the neck, didn’t they? Tyrael, your team done goofed, and done goofed hard.

The only thing this video is missing is Deckard Cain, as voiced by Sean Connery. And the only thing that we’re missing is Diablo III, which needs to come out ASAP.

Well, maybe it could wait a bit. I’m still playing Portal 2.

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