What looks like Pac-Man, sounds like Pac-Man, but isn’t Pac-Man?

This is not Pac-Man. Ceci n’est pas un Pac-Man. Sure, the footage you can see to the right quite clearly resembles Pac-Man, but Pac-Man it is not.

Stabyourself.net’s deceptively titled Not Pac-Man is a cute take on Namco’s age old drug-taking, ghost-consuming simulator, with one interesting twist; you don’t control Pacman. Instead, you can rotate the level (perhaps Level-Man or Map-Man would be better titles?), and let gravity take care of the movement. The game’s rules are otherwise unchanged; take pills, eat fruit. That being said, the fact Pacman no longer uses his mouth to eat does raise some awkward, uh, anatomical questions.

Perhaps the promise of a physics-enabled nega-Pac-Man isn’t enough to warrant a free download from gaming connoisseurs such as yourselves. Well, according to its very informative blurb, the game also offers an “Advanced multi-data scoring system optimized for professional competitive gaming events: also known as ‘high scores’,” as well as steering wheel, joystick, touchscreen and mouse support.

Stabyourself was founded by game creator, Maurice Guégan, and web designer, Sa?o Smolej, in 2011. The studio is most famous for its surprisingly fully-featured Super Mario Bros. and Portal mashup, Mari0. All of the studio’s games are free and open source.

Not Pac-Man is available on Windows, Linux and OSX.

Source: Stabyourself

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