If you stick it down there, kid, you may void the warranty. Not that the warranty’s worth a damn, but still …

You’ve all seen the best and worst horror movies have to offer, right? The jump scares, the rubber suits, the he’s-not-dead-really twists. Well, think again, because you haven’t seen Hell No: The Sensible Horror Movie. Tremble! Hide your eyes! Man was not meant to know! But don’t worry; it all ends happily ever after. Probably with tea and scones.

This comes to you courtesy of Joe Nicolosi, an Austin-based film maker who you may remember from a certain Star Wars: Retold short that won the George Lucas Award in 2009. “In [Hell No,], all these characters go home, eat their vitamins, get a good nights sleep,” says Nicolosi, but clearly he’s wrong; as any sensible person knows, there are no vitamins in scones. There may not even be dietary fibre.

If you’re interested in more madness – CSI: Legoland, for instance – check out Nicolosi’s YouTube channel.

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