I have a sinking feeling we’re not going to get through this without some naughty nautical puns … sorry.

Trailers can be expensive. CGI trailers, like the one that turned Dead Island from yet another zombie game into a surprise hit, take high-priced ad studios months to produce. Lacking the funds of their AAA siblings, indie developers are often forced to improvise when it comes to advertising. Like Paradox did for this ad for the upcoming turn-based strategy game, Leviathan: Warships, which eschews the explosions and dubstep of modern trailers for sheer unadulterated ear sex.

Not only is the trailer funnier than the usual CGI explosion-fests that haunt my television, it’s more informative. Leviathan is set to hit PC, Mac, Android and iOS on April 30th. It features both single and co-op campaigns, as well as a host of competitive multiplayer modes. It also boasts cross-platform play and cloud saving. Saving that takes place in the clouds, people.

Much like the excellent Frozen Synapse, players in Leviathan plan their turns and execute them at the same time, forcing them to watch helplessly as their well/poorly laid plans succeed/fail horribly costing the lives of thousands. As discussed in earlier previews, the game offers a robust ship editor that lets you fine tune your fleet, or just make a horde of ridiculous, cannon-covered death traps; Whatever floats your boat.

Get it? “Floats your boat.” Because … you know … boats.


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