This Portal 2 Weighted Companion Cube subwoofer mod is the cuddliest, move lovable DIY audio component mod you’re going to see all day, and maybe even all week.

techPowerUp! forums user “Cube” is a self-professed “electrical noobie” but he’s still managed to put together the best-looking subwoofer I’ve ever laid eyes on. I have no idea what it actually sounds like but given how stupidly amazing it looks, does it really matter? Because this thing looks hot – and so adorable!

Cube is a carpenter by trade so putting together the sub box was probably a relatively simple task for him, but things got a little hairier when it came time to actually wire it all up. 24 LED strips went into it, not to mention the lighted ring composed of 504 LEDs and 170 resistors. Add to that an amplifier, volume control, a “wiring nightmare” and some “dodgie Ratman art” to set the mood and what you end up with is possibly the most irresistible low-frequency speaker ever made.

I wish I had this kind of talent, or at the very least that I had the money to hire someone with this kind of talent to build stuff like this for me. Since neither of those options are in the cards, I guess I’ll have to settle for watching YouTube videos and sighing enviously.

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