This Week’s Destiny Strike Only Available to Players with DLC

The Dark Below weekly strike dlc

The Destiny expansion The Dark Below launched today, but players who have not bought into it will not be able to play the previously free weekly strikes.

Destiny‘s expansion The Dark Below went live today, adding some story missions and multiplayer maps. It also adds a strike, but at the expense of Destiny players who have not bought the expansion.

Strikes are weekly challenging missions in high-level dungeons with rewards necessary for high-level gear. The heroic strike occurs every Tuesday, selected by Destiny developer Bungie. However, this week the strike “The Will of Crota” is a part of The Dark Below expansion. Any players without the DLC cannot participate.

Additionally, only the highest-level Roc strikes earn the player engrams since Bungie’s alteration of the strike playlists. Those strikes are available only to DLC owners.

Two strikes are included with the expansion on the PS4, whereas only one Strike is included on the Xbox One. The Dark Below costs the same for both consoles.

Hopefully next week’s strike will be open to all players, but Bungie seems like it’s pushing players to buying into the expansion if they plan on keeping up with other players. Strikes offered through the DLC could have been additions or alternates to strikes open to all players, but then that wouldn’t encourage people to buy in.

The Dark Below expansion is available today for $20.

Source: GameFront

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