Marvel Studios and Disney are already planning sequels for Thor and Captain America, in addition to a mass of other superhero films.

Marvel Studios’ Thor and Captain America haven’t even been released yet, but the company is already planning for sequels as part of the future of superhero films. President Kevin Feige says that the release of Avengers will begin a “new era” for the genre thanks to the partnership between Marvel and Disney.

IGN got a look at an upcoming issue of Disney Twenty-Three magazine which features an interview with Feige. He says that X-Men was the “dawn of the new Marvel cinematic age,” Iron Man was the “dawn of the Marvel Studios age and the establishment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” while the upcoming Avengers is the “next big step.”

Following Avengers, the first Marvel film to come out of Disney, Feige confirms that Thor and Captain America will be back in stories that differ from their films set for 2011. “Thor will go off into a new adventure, and Captain America will continue to explore the modern world in another film of his own,” he said.

Feige didn’t stop there. He also said that members of the Avengers such as Black Widow, Hawkeye, and even the spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. are “more than worthy and capable of carrying their own films.” He adds: “We’ve got a lot of other characters we’re prepping and getting ready for film debuts: the world of martial arts, these great cosmic space fantasies, Dr. Strange, and the magic side of the Marvel Universe.”

That’s a lot of Marvel movies. “Martial arts” hints toward a previously rumored Iron Fist movie, while “cosmic space fantasies” potentially refers to characters like Thanos and his quest for the Infinity Gems. Marvel is obviously banking on Avengers to change the game when it comes to superhero movies, so going by Feige’s words we can expect to see a lot more from the company on the big screen beyond 2012.

Source: IGN

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