The Asgard God of Thunder has ventured back in time to when games were simpler, and viewed entirely from the side.

Thor is a pretty old-school kind of hero, so it makes sense that he’d star in an old-school game. What’s a little more surprising though, is that not only is the free web game actually a great deal of fun, but it also manages to make the rather brawny Thor look adorable.

The game, entitled “Thor: Bring the Thunder” casts the player as the titular God of Thunder in a side-scrolling action platformer. The game has eleven levels, split across four different worlds, and sees Thor battling trolls, dark elves, an evil sorceress, and even a dragon. There’s also a survival mode where Thor must battle against his foes for as long as he can.

The game plays like a mix of Golden Axe and Mega Man, although sadly, without the rideable chicken-lizard-things of the former, or the stolen weaponry of the latter. It probably won’t take you long get through it, even if you play through it again on “Epic” difficulty, but it’s a fun little distraction and it won’t cost you a dime. There are a few nods to the comics as well, with appearances from the Enchantress and the Absorbing Man.

You can check Thor: Bring the Lightning out on the official Marvel site, along with plenty of other comic book themed games.

Source: via Game Informer

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