Based on similar real world locations and buildings, it’s been determined that Thor’s castle would could about $212,716,200.

While it can sometimes break the suspension of disbelief you arguably need to enjoy superhero books, there is still often some fun to be had in looking at the comic industry’s various superheroes and applying a real world price tags to the goodies that make them so super. Taking a turn as Batman for instance, would set you back a pretty penny. Likewise, there’s a reason it took Tony Stark, a billionaire weapons dealer, to create the Iron Man armor. Now, with the American premiere of Thor: The Dark World on the horizon, some have set their sights to figuring the costs of living in Asgard.

Namely, the real estate blog Movoto has roughly determined the value of Thor’s castle. As you might expect, it’s a lot, pricing in at an estimated $212,716,200. Granted, the process of figuring out this price obviously required a bit of stretching on Movoto’s part (Asgard being less than tangible and what-not), but we have to say that the math behind it all seems pretty solid.

To begin with, the blog had to find an Earthly location similar enough to Asgard to make comparisons. In the end, it went with Sweden on account of its Norse roots and the similarities in wildlife and environment to those in Thor lore. The next issue came from figuring the size of Thor’s castle palace. According to Movoto, Thor’s castle in mythology “possessed five hundred and forty rooms.” In turn, to help tally up a square footage measurement, the 600 room Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow was used for comparison. That epic building ranked in at about 259,410 square feet. Movoto then multiplied that space by the $820 per square foot cost of a mansion in Sweden to come up with the final figure. So, in conclusion, Thor not only has the coolest weapon in the Marvel universe, he also lives in probably its priciest house.

Source: Movoto

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