Capcom has enlisted the awesome martial artists at Thousand Pounds Action Company to create a short film for Street Fighter X Tekken.

It should come as no surprise that we are big fans of the videos created by the fine people at Thousand Pounds Action Company. It was only last week that I was gushing over their interpretation of the Catwoman fight scenes in Batman: Arkham City, and the live-action Street Fighter IV Ultra Combo videos the group put together are intensely rad.

When I heard that Thousand Pounds had teamed with Capcom to create a short film to be released in conjunction with the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken, you can imagine my excitement. The collaboration is still in the production stage, but even the video the group released to announce the project is worth a watch. That would the clip embedded at top-right, by the way.

The really impressive bit about this clip isn’t the group’s fight choreography (though that is up to their usual high standards). No, the really striking bit is how well these martial artists/stunt people can do comedy. Both physical comedy and more subtle verbal wit.

Then you take into account that in addition to their myriad talents, they’re all rather attractive people. I started this article with the intention of praising the Thousand Pounds Action Company, but now I’m mostly just jealous of everything they do.

If you’ll excuse me I think I need to reflect on my poor life choices while sobbing uncontrollably.

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