lunar new year sale

This year Steam is celebrating the Year of the Monkey by having one of its signature sales.

If you thought your wallet was safe since we’re still a ways out from the Steam Summer and Winter sales, think again! Steam has decided to have a major sale anyway, coinciding with the Lunar New Year. Thousands of games are on sale for deep discounts from now until February 12, 10:00 AM PST.

Among the most noteable deals include the recentely released Fallout 4 for 33% off, XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Edition for 80% off, and Tomb Raider for 75% off.

There’s also a cute little short story on the Steam homepage, which follows our little friend, the Monkey, as he journeys to discover new games, asking players to make choices for him along the way. For example, the first choice is “Swim” or “Drive”, with “Swim” presenting a list of ocean-themed games on sale, and “Drive” giving driving simulators.

There does not seem to be any exclusive Steam cards this time around.

Source: Valve

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