Nine Rocks Games, DayZ thq nordic

THQ Nordic continues to grow as it has announced that it founded a new studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Called Nine Rocks Games, the new developer will be working on a survival shooter title for the publisher. Beyond the genre, no details were offered up on what the title will be about.

While Nine Rocks Games is a new studio with no published titles, the studio is filled with veteran game designers. THQ Nordic noted that the developer’s past experience includes work on DayZSoldier of Fortune 3, 2004’s Conan, and the first-person shooter Chaser. All of those titles line up with the studio’s goal of creating a survival shooter, so clearly the team has been built with that in mind.

Leading the new studio is Nine Rocks Games CEO David Durcak. “We are very much looking forward to setting up shop in our office, gradually optimizing our team size, and getting to work on our project,” said Durcak. “With THQ Nordic as a partner, our roster of talent found perfect conditions to collaborate on our first joint project.”

Equally enthusiastic about the new studio was THQ Nordic CEO Klemens Kreuzer. “I personally think it is always a great sign in business, when everything just seems to fall into place,” he said in a statement. “The right people at the right time having the right mindset and a meaningful conversation… We are very happy to welcome the Slovak team onboard and are excited about our first project with Nine Rocks Games.”

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