If you want a game, but can’t afford it, waiting is often the best thing you can do.

Gaming can be hard on the pocket: Games are expensive, and consoles are more expensive still. It’s enough to send the average skittering under the sofa in terror. But don’t have to spend a lot to get the games you want, and you don’t have to resort to stealing them either. In Issue 301 of The Escapist, Bart Wojenka says that patience can often be your best friend if you’re gaming on a budget.

Roleplaying games are a great example of games you should look to buy much later. In the current business model, a high-profile RPG will be released at $60, only to be followed soon after by DLC. You probably tell yourself then, “Well, I really like this game and I’d love to experience more adventures in this universe” and so you spend your precious money again … and again.

With RPGs such as Dragon Age: Origins, it’s worth your time to simply wait for the “Ultimate” or “Extended” edition to pay for the game and the expansions at the same time. It takes a bit of patience but that is how capitalism works – if you cannot afford the premium price, you will have to offer your time in exchange. Discipline is what you will need to truly succeed … It takes only a few months of waiting to acquire a game with up to 50% discount – or even more if you’re lucky.

Patience isn’t the only way to save money – being disciplined about what you actually buy counts for a lot a well – but it’s one of the most effective. You can read more about it in Wojenka’s article, Strapped for Cash.

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