Throne of the Gods: Star Trek Captain’s Chair Replica


The ultimate in nerd seating arrives in May as Captain Kirk’s chair can soon be yours.

Before you open up your wallet, whip out your credit card and whisper sweetly to it, “Make it so, Number One,” I feel that I must warn you. The cost of owning the most awesome chair in science-fiction history is currently listed as $2,717.01, according to its creators, Diamond Select Toys, striking fear into the heart of even the most devoted of Star Trek fans.

The nearly three grand asking price nets you the most accurate replica of Kirk’s chair possible, as the schematics used to create it were supplied direct from Paramount. The chair itself is constructed mainly of high-quality fiberglass and plastic, and a newly-engineered base allows for full 360° rotation, so that you can bark orders at your house cats no matter where they annoy you. The seat itself features a leather cover and the wooden accented arm rests features a variety of working indicators and switches, complete with sound effects from the original Star Trek series, including yellow and the always exciting red alert.

If you’re interested in obtaining this beast (And why wouldn’t you be?), be warned, production will be limited to 1,701 pieces, as Diamond hates to round numbers up nor down. On one hand, that sounds like quite a lot for a $2,700 chair, but on the other, you know they’ll go fast.

Via: Newsarama

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