Fred Hasson resigns from his role as CEO from the European trade organization Tiga.

Tiga Founder and Chief Executive Officer Fred Hasson has informed the Tiga board that he will be stepping down from his post of almost seven years following the selection of a successor. Hassan played a key role in launching Tiga, a trade association representing the business interests of games developers in Europe, with eleven other founders in March of 2001. The organization has since grown to 157 from some of the largest game companies in Europe, including Sony and Lionhead.

Hassan released a statement surrounding his departure. “I don’t know where the last 7 years of my life have gone but it seems to have gone in a trice,” it read. “It’s a long period but it’s been, without doubt, the most exhilarating and enjoyable time. I would consider a good number of the people I have met in the industry to be friends but that does not mean it has always been easy! The industry is generally not one for collective action, except when it comes to fun, and there have been antagonisms and hostilities to weather during this time. I believe we have achieved much in that time; we have rightly championed the role the development community plays in the success of this industry, crystallized coherent messages to government, and greatly increased the flow of best practice in the industry across a wide range of business and production issues. I believe Tiga was the inspiration for similar organisations to be formed across Europe and we are proud to be founders and Chair of the effective European Games Developers Federation.”

Ian Baverstock, Chair of Tiga’s board added, “Fred’s contribution to Tiga and to the development sector has been huge. Those of us who’ve had the privilege to work with him first hand have seen his passion and enormous experience with government as well as other media sectors add great value to Tiga’s impact in many areas. We know we wouldn’t be where we are today without all his hard work over the last seven years and the board and members would like to thank him for his dedication to promoting the development industry and the member’s interests over that period.”

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