Vivendi Games has announced that an Xbox 360 multiplayer demo for TimeShift will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace on November 14.

Players will use the experimental Beta Suit to manipulate time, slowing, stopping and even reversing the clock as they employ a huge arsenal of weapons and vehicles in epic battle sequences. The intuitive time controls give players the ultimate edge in dodging attacks and inflicting brutal punishment on their opponents.

TimeShift’s multiplayer mode will support up to 16 players, and will feature 14 different maps, “time grenades” and more than 40 customizable features allowing gamers to engage in a wide range of multiplayer combat experiences. Many of the chronology-manipulation elements of the single-player game have also been modified to fit multiplayer battles, adding an entirely new dimension of strategy.

TimeShift is rated M (Mature) by the ESRB. More information can be found at; the new demo will be available beginning November 14 on Xbox Live Marketplace.

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