Titanfall Devs Considered VR, Single Player Modes

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Titanfall producer Drew McCoy said VR in Titanfall would make you sick – due to the wallrunnning.

Virtual Reality is the hot topic these days, with many developers experimenting with Oculus Rift support in their games. But don’t expect it anytime soon in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, as producer Drew McCoy thinks the games high-speed wallrunning antics would make players hurl. “I don’t know that people are going to be able to keep their lunch down [in a VR mode],” McCoy said. “Maybe in a titan because you’re stuck to that horizontal plane. But if you’re trying to wall-run and look down six stories, I think people are going to barf everywhere.”

He added that Respawn has a few Oculus Rift development kits in the office, and that he even has one at home. He described VR tech as “really cool,” but simply not for a game like Titanfall.

McCoy also said that the team actually created a full singleplayer prototype for the game, that was scrapped “years” before launch. “We did work on a single-player prototype before we decided what we were going to eventually make, and this was years ago,” McCoy recalled.

Before you start furiously typing out your comments, McCoy did clarify that, “It will be interesting to see the Internet’s reaction of ‘Oh, look at that, they’ve got a singleplayer in their back pocket!’ No, no, no. We prototyped this tiny little thing.”

When asked if the team would ever consider reviving the singleplayer prototype, McCoy was not optimistic. “Probably not,” he said. “[Titanfall] was never envisioned as a solo experience.”

Respawn recently announced an upcoming DLC map pack for Titanfall at its PAX East panel, which will launch as early as next month. Do you think they should reconsider their “no singleplayer” stance for the game’s next DLC?

Source: Gamespot

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