The Ogre is a heavily armored, but slower alternative to the standard Titan, while the Stryder is faster, but weaker

Titanfall developers Respawn Entertainment dropped some new information relating to its hotly anticipated shooter at this year’s VGX. The first trailer, which you can see to the right, takes the form of an advertisement from “Hammond Robotics,” the company that manufactures the Titan mechs within the game world. It unveils the new “Ogre” Titan, a defensive focused alternative to the vanilla “Atlas” Titan. A second trailer also reveals the “Stryder” Titan – the Ogre’s polar opposite which is faster, but less armored.

The Ogre is a heavily armored mech that can deliver a powerful finishing move that rips off an opponents arm and beats them to death with it. The trade-off of all that extra armor is that the Ogre moves a bit slower than the standard Titan.

The Stryder trailer, which you can see below, shows the Stryder in a “live field test” facing off against an Atlas Titan. As you can see, he is quite nimble and maneuverable.

Despite this being a “Microsoft” exclusive, the team stressed that Titanfall would feature absolutely no Kinect integration across all three of its platforms, as it doesn’t “fit with the game.”

Respawn also confirmed during its VGX presentation that the game is “content locked” and the team is now in the final stages of balancing and refinement, in preparation for the game’s March 11 release date.

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