Titanfall Gameplay Clip Arrives Fresh From Gamescom


The gaming journalist set is very excited for EA’s upcoming Titanfall, and thanks to new gameplay footage you can see exactly why.

Titanfall is, superficially, a game about huge mechs. More to the point, it’s a game that combines these giant bipedal robots with Mirror’s Edge-style parkour, and the sort of first-person shooter combat you’d find in the Battlefield series. It’s as if EA’s development team stripped out the best bits from the publisher’s biggest hits of the current generation in an effort to make a giant splash in the early days of the next.

My words can only convey so much about the game, so please take a few minutes to watch the clip embedded at top-right, and pay particular attention to the mobility the game offers. Firing guns is pretty de rigueur and there’s really only so many ways one can animate bombastic explosions, but there’s a moment in that clip where the player’s character blasts a mech to pieces with a rocket launcher, before tracking the thing’s pilot as he or she ejects, only to interrupt the character’s fall to earth with a hail of automatic gunfire. Having not played the game I can’t guarantee that it’s fun or even controls well, but that moment does look undeniably cool.

Expect Titanfall to hit the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows platforms during the first quarter of 2014.

Source: YouTube

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