Titanfall is Getting a 4-player Co-op Mode

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It’s not quite the singleplayer mode fans were asking for, but Titanfall‘s upcoming co-op mode sounds pretty neat.

One of the biggest request from Titanfall fans has been some kind of singleplayer mode, so that those who don’t like to play online could still enjoy the game. What started off as a harsh no, eventually softened into a maybe, and now, it looks like we’re getting a bit of a compromise, with Respawn announcing a rather extensive co-op mode, which will be added to the game in a free update.

In the upcoming mode, four friends will team up to protect a Harvester from waves of incoming IMC forces. The new mode will support all 24 of the game’s maps, including all of the DLC offerings. New enemy types, as well as variations to existing enemy types have been specifically created for this mode.

But, anyone who has played Titanfall will know that the AI Grunts and Spectres are not really a legitimate threat, so Respawn has announced that for this mode, their AI has been improved significantly to the point that they will exercise many common Pilot practices, like rodeoing your Titans.

The main idea of the game mode will be to adjust to different enemies and exercise different tactics, and loadout crates will allow players to change their loadouts in mid-match in-between waves to accommodate this idea.

Other free game modes coming to the game include Deadly Ground – where the maps floor is covered with a deadly electric fog, and Marked for Death Pro mode – which expands on the Marked for Death concept by dividing each session into rounds.

Frontier Defense, the co-op mode, should launch this Thursday, while Deadly Ground and Marked for Death Pro will go live on November 5 and 26 respectively.

Source: Titanfall Blog via Shacknews

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