Titanfall Servers Confirmed For Australia

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Gamers in Australia will soon have Titanfall servers of their very own.

Titanfall relies on Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers, which is great if you happen to live in a country that has them but not so hot if you don’t. Gamers in Australia, for instance, had to rely on servers in Singapore to play in the Titanfall beta, which as you can imagine was no great shakes for ping times – a pretty big issue for a game designed first and foremost for multiplayer.

But Respawn boss Vince Zampella tweeted late last week that there would be “good news soon for Aussies,” and earlier today he made good on his word. “Aussie servers coming online, starting Friday morning and building capacity each day!” he tweeted. “Combined EA/MS/Respawn effort to make it happen!”

Electronic Arts confirmed the new servers in a statement, saying it is confident they will provide “a great experience” for players in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a fast bit of work, and even though it will take some time for the servers to get up to capacity, it’s clear that Microsoft and EA are serious about making Titanfall a success.

Titanfall fans in South Africa, meanwhile, are continuing to seek support for a petition calling for an official launch of the game in their country. EA pulled the plug on the release shortly before launch day, saying that performance on EU servers was too poor to support. Even so, South African gamers can still access the game by purchasing a non-region-locked Origin key.

Source: Twitter (Vince Zampella)

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