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Respawn also confirmed that the PC version of Titanfall will ship on the same day as the Xbox versions.

Microsoft may be trying its best to make folks think that Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming Mecha shooter Titanfall is an Xbox exclusive, but it’s actually coming to the PC as well. With the big news that the game would be exclusive to Microsoft platforms forever and ever, Rock, Paper, Shotgun got in touch with Respawn to check up on the PC version of the game. Thankfully, Respawn’s Abbie Heppe says that the console shakeup will not effect the game’s Windows version.

She confirmed that it would ship at the exact same date as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions (March 11, 2014) and that it would not require Windows 8 to run. She wrote: “Titanfall is releasing simultaneously for XB1, 360, and PC. It does not require Windows 8 on PC.” It looks like Microsoft has learned its lesson about trying to tie flagship PC titles into its latest operating system.

So PC fans can breathe easy, as opposed to our Sony brethren, who will only ever see a Titanfall release if Respawn churns out a sequel (that isn’t also snapped up in an exclusivity deal with Microsoft).

What platform were you planning on buying Titanfall on? I’m giving the next-gen consoles a “wait and see” approach, so I will most likely be picking up the PC version of this one.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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