In honor of the rich history of game development in the state and the release of The Beatles: Rock Band, the Governor of Massachusetts has officially pronounced today “Video Game Innovation Day.”

In the state of Massachusetts today isn’t just the Dreamcast’s 10th birthday, the day that The Beatles: Rock Band comes out or that the Red Sox knock the Orioles out of playoff contention (I’m guessing that one is on the minds of most New Englanders more than the others). It’s also, as per the governor’s official declaration, Video Game Innovation day.

Governor Deval L. Patrick’s proclamation made mention of Massachusetts’ rich game development industry, which generated $3 billion in sales last year, its history (the guys who created Spacewar! Were MIT students at the time), the innovation being pursued at companies and universities throughout the state, and, of course, The Beatles: Rock Band (Harmonix is based in Cambridge, MA).

Governor Patrick urged “all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance,” so if you’re a Massachusetts resident, go on and do that. In fact, why doesn’t everyone just celebrate this occasion, why not? How will you “participate fittingly in its observance?” I intend to play The Beatles: Rock Band, but what other milestones of “videogame innovation” will you guys celebrate?

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