Today’s PS3 Update Completes PSN to SEN Transformation


We will officially never use the words “PlayStation Network” ever again.

It is the end of an era … of nomenclature. Sony made the bold decision to change what we call its downloadable content delivery system and online gaming portal. The PlayStation Network now matches the rest of Sony’s properties by referring to itself as the Sony Entertainment Network. Sony announced the change last week, but with the 4.1 update to the PS3 today, the transition is complete. Your “PSN” account is now a “SEN” account. You’re welcome.

Sony wants to make sure we know that the change is in name only. “Please note that this change is one in name only and will not change the PSN that you know and love. You’ll still play games online, still have access to the latest downloadable games and add-ons, and still experience a wide variety of movies, sports and music across PSN,” read the announcement on the PS3 blog.

I’m not sure I believe the reason Sony provided for the name change. I mean, getting the name of the service in line with its other Entertainment Networks is fine, but to me, changing the name is just a way to further distance themselves from the PSN debacle of 2010 when hackers broke into the database and stole personal information and credit card numbers from thousands of customers. Which is pretty savvy if you ask me. People forget about controversy if you call the source something else. That’s why I refer to my goiter as Gertrude.

Well, whatever the reason, the name change is here to say. Sony Entertainment Network, I love you.

Oh hey, in case you were one of the 7 people who used it, version 4.1 of the system software also speeds up the PS3’s internet browser.

Source: PS Blog

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