Sony’s post-apocalyptic animal-survival game will be heavily discounted for North American audiences.

If North American gamers came away with nothing else when they saw previews of the Japanese PlayStation 3 exclusive Tokyo Jungle, it was that the game would allow them to play as a Pomeranian puppy during a post-apocalypse. The reaction to this image was understandably positive. It wasn’t too long afterwards that Sony confirmed Tokyo Jungle would receive North American and European localizations, allowing players to finally experience the animal-based survival simulator that sold hundreds of thousands of copies in Japan during its first week alone. Sony has revealed additional details on its North American PlayStation blog, specifically that the fully localized game will finally arrive on the PlayStation Network on September 25th.

Tokyo Jungle allows you to choose from over 50 playable animal types trying to survive in a city in which humankind has vanished under mysterious circumstances. The game will feature both a story campaign in which a range of animals attempt to eke out a new existence, and an ongoing survival mode in which players attempt to secure territory and produce future generations to prevent their chosen race’s extinction. Players will gain survival points during gameplay that allow them to unlock new species and buy them ability-enhancing costumes, that by coincidence, are also adorable.

Perhaps the best news for gamers is Tokyo Jungle‘s price tag. The North American release will be a digital exclusive, set at $14.99. For context, the Japanese boxed copy was priced at ¥3,900, which is approximately $49 US. To be fair, I wouldn’t have minded paying a little extra to pick up my own physical copy. Perhaps a special edition packed with an adorably violent plush Pomeranian?

Source: PlayStation Blog via Joystiq

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