Tony Blair Praises Games Industry for Significant Strides


In the wake of a Florida judge’s favorable ruling on Rockstar’s Bully, the UK Prime Minister Tony Blair yesterday, in response to Labour MP Keith Vaz, congratulated the games industry for “significant strides”.

Vaz, during a Prime Minister Question Time, who has been critical of the industry in the past, pressured Blair for comment after a popular British retailer refused to stock the game Bully. Vaz posed the question to Blair, “Given the link between videogames and their propensity to encourage violence that has been demonstrated in some research, will the Prime Minister convene a meeting of the stakeholders, including the industry and parents’ groups, to discuss this issue?”

Though cautiously, Blair responded, “It is, I think, right to say that the videogames industry, or certainly a very substantial section of it, have made significant strides and advances over the past few years.”


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