Pro Skater 3 content will be available as $5 DLC a month after the launch of Pro Skater HD.

While the first two games in the series are perhaps more iconic, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 is the most highly regarded installment in the long-running skateboarding series. One of the small, but important, tweaks the game introduced was the “revert.”

Now, bear with me a moment because I’m about to slip into some eye-melting Tony Hawk jargon. Essentially a 180 spin done without leaving the ground, the revert allowed player to link together half pipe tricks by stringing together reverts and manuals. This meant players could try for longer, more complex combos, with the reward – and risk, you get nothing if you bail at any point – growing exponentially as their multiplier climbed higher.

The revert move won’t be appearing in the base version of THPSHD, as it’s based on the first two games in the series, but it will be introduced, alongside a bunch of extra levels, with the $5 THPS3 DLC that comes a month after launch. The only downside is that, while the revert will be usable in the game’s original levels, it won’t continue the player’s combo, as the levels simply aren’t designed for it.

Not every THPS3 level will be included with the DLC, but Activision has confirmed the ever-popular “Airport” has made the cut.

Now all we need is some DLC to add Guerrilla Radio to the game and we’re all set.

Source: Joystiq

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