The latest chapter in the long-running Tony Hawk franchise, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, has been released.

Along with the standard customization and skate style options, Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground includes a fully-functional video editor that will allow gamers to “create epic skate videos,” as well as an online skate lounge that can be personalized and shared with friends. The soundtrack includes over 50 tunes from groups including Bloc Party, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, the Rolling Stones and more, and the Xbox 360 version of the game also includes a five-track demo of the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

“With Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, we are giving gamers the chance to express their personal style like never before,” said Joel Jewett, president of Tony Hawk franchise developer Neversoft Entertainment. “They can do everything from skating the way they want, and producing their own classic videos, all the way to pulling off the newest Nail the Trick maneuvers and tricking out their skate lounge to hang out with friends.”

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground is available for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS, and has been rated T (Teen) by the ESRB. More information is available at the Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground website.

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